Monday, 28 November 2011

What is a Resume Website

In general, a resume website means, a website which contains information on writing and designing a paper resume or online resume. Apart from this, it also means a personal website, which has your name in the URL and has your resume on it. Some websites, also gives you a place to submit your resume and helps you to make your personal website as well. These websites work as a powerful medium to promote you on the internet.

These websites can be designed in various ways, and different templates can be used as per the requirement and content of the website, whether informative or personal website. There are various programming languages as well, used to design a website, such as html, php, java, and dotnet. These programming languages are used, when you design the pages of a website. Also, many free templates are available on the internet, which you can use to design your web pages.

Resume Website and Career
In order to remove the confusion lets discuss on the two websites invidually. One of them is informative, which provides information on resume writing and the other is a personal:

General: It plays an important role, when you are seeking for a job. These websites helps you to know the format and content of a resume. You can refer these websites, whenever you need a sample to refer while writing a resume. Also, you can go through the samples provided on these websites, which will help you know the content even. There are many such websites, which will give you many tips to write an impressive resume and avoid the common mistakes. There are some websites which give you a place to submit your resume, and help the employer to connect to the submitted resume. They act as middle man between you and the employer.

Personal: This is the best way to promote yourself to an employer. It creates a positive impact in the mind of an employer. It shows that you are very much concerned about your career and job. Also, there are many benefits of having a personal resume website, such as quick updating, video resume, easy to connect, etc.

Thus, both the websites play a crucial role in your career, while searching your dream job. One provides information and the other promotes you in the best possible way.

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