Monday, 28 November 2011

Personal resume website

A personal resume website is a general website, which has been created to publish your resume on it. Whenever an employer goes on this website, then he/she should find your resume. A candidate having such personal website, seems to have a different reputation as compared to the other candidates in the competitive market. He/she always has an advantage over the candidates, who does not have one. You just need to choose an URL which suits you, and create a resume on that website. It makes you look distinctive and keeps you away from the crowd. The best advantage you have in making such websites, is that you won’t need to update your resume every time you apply for a job. You can just keep it updated. Such resumes attract an employer to a great extent. Resume plays an important role in getting hired by your dream company, and a personal website for publishing resume would be the best option to achieve your desired goal.

It has a great impact in the today’s competitive scenario.  For example, if an employer does a Google search or Yahoo search and finds your resume on the web page, then it always creates an positive impact. The employer feels that the person is very much concerned about his/her career. They feel that the person is very much serious about his job, and if he/she gets hired, she would repeat the same. This is the best possible way, which you can use, in order to promote yourself in the market. Such websites work very well and help you get hired, in your dream job.

A personal website for publishing your resume also helps you to update your resume regularly on the internet. You can do it in a very short time. You just need to attach a cover letter, whenever you are applying for a particular job.  An updated resume always have a better advantage, when an employer goes through it. Thus, you can make the website and promote yourself in the market. You can use this particular website as the most powerful tool in your career, which will help you achieve your preferred goal. Such resume also shows that how creative you are. You can show your creativity, while writing and designing your resume, on your personal webpage. It can be more useful to a person, who is in a creative career of designing, music, photography, etc.

So, prepare an attractive and impressive cover letter, attach it with your resume and this is what an employer expects. Also, it would not cost you much, and it can be done, by just spending few dollars. Therefore, make a personal resume website and see the difference in your interview calls.

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