Saturday, 14 January 2012

Resume Website and Black Hat SEO Techniques to be Avoided

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique, which helps your website or blog; rank higher in the search results of different search engines such as Google, AOL, Yahoo, Bing, etc. There are several techniques of optimizing your blog, and these methods can be both ethical and unethical. The use of ethical techniques to optimize your website or blog is known as “White Hat SEO”, whereas the use of unethical techniques to optimize your website or blog is known as “Black Hat SEO”. There are many techniques that are used unethically to rank your website higher, but this ranking cannot be for long time. Black Hat SEO techniques can rank your website higher only for a short time, and if you want to remain in the ranking of the search engines for a long time, then you need to follow the ethical rules strictly.
Black Hat SEO Techniques
The Black Hat SEO techniques that should be strictly avoided are as follows:
Keyword Stuffing: This term means the unnecessary use of the keywords in order to rank website higher in the search engines. Often, such keywords are used, which are not relevant to the content. So, avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing and try to use the keywords, which is relevant and also keep track of the percentage of keywords.
Invisible Text: This is a technique in which the text color and the background color are kept same. This is done in order to attract the search engine crawlers, but this is not considered as ethical.
Google Bowling: This is a technique, which is used to decrease the page rank of your competitor and increase the page rank of your website. This technique is also considered as unethical and illegal.
Link Farm: This is a technique used to create back links or in bound links from unrelated websites or sources. This technique is also popularly known as “Spamdexing”.
Some of the Black Hat SEO techniques have been given, which you should avoid strictly in your website or blog optimization. There are many more Black Hat SEO techniques such as scraping, Ad Only Pages, Cloaking, Throw Away Domains, Misspellings, Domain Grabbing, New Exploits, Fake News, etc. If you want to know more about these Black Hat SEO techniques, then keep reading our next post.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Resume Website and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a crucial role in the ranking and the popularity of your website or blog. This is the tool, which helps you rank on top in the different search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, etc. There are several websites such as resume website, health website, agriculture website, medical website, etc. Whenever you create a website you need content and then its optimization to rank higher. The higher you rank, better will be the hits on your blog or website.

Let’s understand it in a better way. Whenever you enter a word in a search engine, it is called as keyword. When you put the keyword and press enter, the search engine starts looking for this keyword in different websites and show the result. Here, what matters is the ranking of your page. It is possible that you website might be having this keyword, but it might be ranking on some thousand page. Now, there is negligible chance that your site gets viewed by the visitor, and thus you lose your hits. So, apart from good content, you also need to optimize your blog or website for better hits and views.

Resume Website and Methods of Search Engine Optimization
There are several methods of optimizing a blog or website, these methods are as follows:

Link Building: This is the most important tool to rank your keyword higher in the search engine results. The related and good back links helps your keyword rank higher in the search engine results. So, try to get good back links, which will help your website or your blog rank higher.

Bookmarking: There are various book marking sites, where you can promote your website. This is generally done to get more visitors for your website.

Article Submission: There are several article submission sites, where you can submit your fresh articles and get good back links from them. This also helps you to rank higher in the search engine search result.

Forums: Here, you need to register in different related forums. You can participate in discussions and post you own threads (discussions) over here.

The article given can help you know about SEO and its methods. You can refer the post and know about optimizing your website, whether it is medical website, agriculture website, technological website or resume website. If you want to know about Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO and Blue Hat SEO, then wait for our next post.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Importance of a Cover Letter on Resume Website

A cover letter is a document, which is sent supporting a resume. The name itself says that it is a letter, which covers something. It gives you an opportunity to present yourself to an employer. This is the first time, when an employer knows something about you. In other words, it could be said that this is your first impression that gets created in the mind of the employer.

You may think that a cover letter has no importance and it is wastage of time, when you are sending a resume, but this is not the truth. There are conditions that a candidate with a well written cover letter gets an interview call, whereas one without a cover letter does not. So, if you want to get hired for your dream job, then you need to have an impressive and targeting cover letter. This will assist you not only in the short run, but also in the long run of your career.

A candidate applying for a job with a well written cover letter always has an advantage in the present competitive scenario. You may get better opportunities in your career, if you have an impressive cover letter for a particular job. You can go through some resume website and refer them for your help. There are many websites, which provide relevant information, and they will also provide you different samples for writing a cover letter.

There are several points that you need to keep in mind while writing a cover letter. A cover letter should be short and specific. It should not be written more than a page. You need to mention all your important skills and experiences relevant to the job, you are applying for. Try to mention, what you can do for the company, if you get hired. You need to create a positive impression anyways through your cover letter.

Cover Letter Tips
The tips which would be helpful in writing a cover letter are as follows:

  • Avoid many “I”
  • Can be long but not more than 5 paragraphs
  • Cover letter should be short but specific
  • Use modern technology to send
  • Avoid common mistakes like spelling and grammar
  • Should be generic, imaginative, creative and original
  • Mention name of the employer in salutation
  • Font should be same in cover letter and resume
  • Have knowledge about the company

Thus, a cover letter always has a positive impact, if it is written well. It always helps get your dream job. So, take of some resume website and prepare a impressive and effective resume.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Resume Website Sample

In the present scenario, resume acts as the most prominent tool, in winning the fight of jobs in your career. In order to keep yourself away from the crowd of job seekers, you need an effective and impressive resume. This is the first thing that an employer comes to know about you. A resume says everything about your qualification and resume skills. When you plan to write a resume, then it’s recommended that you should refer the resume websites for information, tips, samples and design. There are various websites which gives information on how to write an impressive resume. Apart from the content and format, there are several templates available online, which you can choose for your resume.

Now, if you are planning to make your own such website, then there are two possibilities. Either you make a website for the general Internet readers, which contain information on resume writing, or make a website which contains your personal resume online. A general website which contains all the types of resume can be helpful to the candidates or students, who plan to write a resume for their career. A personal website, which contains your resume, can be used to promote yourself in the competitive market.  This website helps you demonstrate yourself in many ways, such as text, videos or photos. They give you plenty of space and you can use it describe yourself in a far better way, as compared to a paper resume.

While choosing the sample or template of your resume website, you can take help of any of the computer programming languages such HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), Java, Php, Dot Net, etc. These languages will help you make a website, as per your choice. Also, there are several other templates or samples available in HTML, CSS, etc., which you can download and use it for this purpose. It all depends on your choice and design of your website. As far as these websites are concerned whether personal or generic, you should keep it as simple as possible. These both websites are informative websites and they have nothing to do with the design and style. So, keep it simple, clear and in legible font, where a reader reads effortlessly and gets the information he/she is looking for.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Importance of a Resume on Resume Website

A resume is a document, which is used by the candidates, when applying for a job. It contains all the details about you, in just two to three pages. Your contact details, skills and experiences, all are mentioned in this resume. It is drafted to an employer, whom you want to apply. This is the first impression you draw in the mind of an employer, about yourself. The impact of a well written resume cannot be denied in the present job market. It matters a lot when you are applying for a job. A well written and well designed resume always has a positive impact on the hiring manager. A resume is generally sent with a cover letter. A well written resume and a cover letter always help you to get your dream job. A resume website can provide you relevant information on resume writing. You can write a very good resume by referring to such website.

Contents of a Resume
The contents that your resume should possess are as follows:

Contact Details: You should mention your contact details correctly in your resume because an employer will revert on the same contact details, if you are selected for an interview. The contact details contain your contact number, email address and temporary and permanent addresses where you live.

Key Skills: This section is important because it reveals your candidature and suitability for a job, you have applied. Try to mention the skills which are required by the employer. You need to understand that what an employer requires and then mention your skills.

Educational Qualifications: Mention all your educational details correctly with name of school/college, percentage of marks and year of passing the examinations. Mention the highest qualification first followed by the other qualifications in descending order.

Experiences: If you are a fresher you do not need to mention this section, but if you have experience then mention it in detail.

Certification: Here, in this section, you need to mention your certifications. If you have some extra certifications related to the job then you can mention it over here.

Thus, a good resume always helps you in your job search, irrespective of the position you are applying for. You just need to focus on the job profile and you can prepare your resume accordingly. If you get confused then take help of the resume website which provides information online. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Free Resume Website

There are many resume websites, which help you create an online resume, free of cost. Whether it is a personal website made for publishing an individual resume, or an informative website made for resume in general, there are many free websites, which can assist you in your purpose. As the demand of such website is high, it is gaining popularity among the candidates. In the US, a student starts looking for a job as soon as he/she completes her high school. With the development in technology and introduction of Internet, online media has created a revolution in the field of career. Most of the students and employer go through the Internet, whether it is about posting a job or searching a job. It actually acts as an intermediary between an employer and a job seeker.

Now, the question is how you should proceed in this direction. You just need to buy a domain that suits you, and a free website maker will do the work. You do not require high technical skills in order to create such resume website. It is quite easy and it can be done in a very short time. Such online resume keeps you away from the crowd and gives you a different and impressive recognition. In today's world, an online resume really works and has a distinctive impact, as compared to a resume on a paper.

In the present scenario, all the jobs are available to view on the internet. Internet has become the most popular media to connect to the world. Thus, when a job is advertised on any social media website, you can just apply to it and give your link. An employer will refer the link and find a unique and impressive way of expressing oneself.  On this personal website, you can express yourself in a descriptive and better way. You can also use a video resume apart from the text.

Thus, you can create an online resume, with the help of these free resume websites and fancy resume templates.  You can take the help of these websites and create an impressive resume for yourself. This free websites will definitely help you in your job search. You just need to visit different sites, and take help of the one, which you feel, is better.

A Video Resume and its Importance

An online resume can be used to sum up all your skills and talents with the help of internet. It provides various tools and enough space to promote yourself in the market. An online resume helps you achieve your desired goal, which is finally the main purpose behind this. A online personal resume website can have texts, pictures and videos as well. A resume on an A4 size paper has become the outdated method of introducing yourself to an employer.

A video resume can also be used as one of the most powerful tool to promote yourself in the market. You can capture and sum up all your skills with the help of a video resume. You can truly present yourself in front of an employer with the help of this tool. You can summarize your traits and experiences in a video resume. A real video of yourself presented in an impressive manner, always has a positive impact on the employer. It helps an employer to have your look, and they feel more convinced by this, as compared to just looking over the text.

Whether it is an online resume or resumes video, both of them gives you an opportunity to express yourself in detail. You can express here that why you want to work for that employer. You need not worry that you lack sufficient space in order to express yourself. If you really want to present a real you, then try out a video resume, because it allows you to present yourself in an enthusiastic manner, and provides you the strength to stand in front of an employer.

Thus, prepare yourself and try out a video resume on your personal website, because every employer has an eagerness to meet the candidate after going through a powerful resume. It will definitely help you to get your dream job not only in the short run but also in the long run of your career. When you make a video resume you need to be careful about one thing that it should be presented in an impressive manner. It happens sometime that if you are not serious about your video resume, then it would have a negative impact, and it may ruin your career.