Friday, 2 December 2011

Importance of a Resume on Resume Website

A resume is a document, which is used by the candidates, when applying for a job. It contains all the details about you, in just two to three pages. Your contact details, skills and experiences, all are mentioned in this resume. It is drafted to an employer, whom you want to apply. This is the first impression you draw in the mind of an employer, about yourself. The impact of a well written resume cannot be denied in the present job market. It matters a lot when you are applying for a job. A well written and well designed resume always has a positive impact on the hiring manager. A resume is generally sent with a cover letter. A well written resume and a cover letter always help you to get your dream job. A resume website can provide you relevant information on resume writing. You can write a very good resume by referring to such website.

Contents of a Resume
The contents that your resume should possess are as follows:

Contact Details: You should mention your contact details correctly in your resume because an employer will revert on the same contact details, if you are selected for an interview. The contact details contain your contact number, email address and temporary and permanent addresses where you live.

Key Skills: This section is important because it reveals your candidature and suitability for a job, you have applied. Try to mention the skills which are required by the employer. You need to understand that what an employer requires and then mention your skills.

Educational Qualifications: Mention all your educational details correctly with name of school/college, percentage of marks and year of passing the examinations. Mention the highest qualification first followed by the other qualifications in descending order.

Experiences: If you are a fresher you do not need to mention this section, but if you have experience then mention it in detail.

Certification: Here, in this section, you need to mention your certifications. If you have some extra certifications related to the job then you can mention it over here.

Thus, a good resume always helps you in your job search, irrespective of the position you are applying for. You just need to focus on the job profile and you can prepare your resume accordingly. If you get confused then take help of the resume website which provides information online. 

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  1. Resume websites are very helpful in the job hunting nowadays.
    It is especially great opportunity to showcase your portfolio or your projects by adding photos, links, etc.

    Also, personal resume website is a great opportunity to show your certificates.

    Thanks for a great post!