Monday, 28 November 2011

Resume Website and Web Programming Languages

There are several web programming languages which are used to make a resume website. If you want to make a website, then you will have to take help of this web programming languages. Some of the languages used in the development of web pages are as follow:

HTML: The expanded for of HTML is “Hypertext Markup Language”. It is the oldest programming language, which is used even today in web development and web designing. It has been a very important language, since the birth of internet. The main drawback of this language is that you can only create static pages in this language. This language is not recommended, if you have a dynamic website and you need to update it regularly. The reason is that, updating the web pages designed in HTML is quite hazardous. A change in a page will be reflected on all the relevant pages of the website. The reason behind is that it has a centralized database. Though it is not used today on a large scale, but while making a website in any of the languages, the use of HTML coding is essential.

Php: This is a web programming language, in which you can design both static and dynamic pages on the internet. This is generally used in the light weight application, and the loading of the pages in this language is quite fast, as compared to other languages. The pages take very less time to get loaded as they are light weighted. Use of this language is not recommended in vast applications.

Java: This is one of the most powerful programming language, ever created in the history of computers. It is used on a large scale for web designing. You can create both static and dynamic pages in this language. This language gives you many facilities, which you can implement online. It is used mainly for the application of government and banking domain. The applications made in this language are good for security reasons.

Dot net: This language is also used to create both static and dynamic pages. This language provides you ready made buttons such as scroll bar, menu bar, tabs, search buttons, etc.

Thus, the languages discussed above are used to make static and dynamic pages on the internet. You can choose any one of the language as per your choice and make your own resume website.

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