Monday, 28 November 2011

Four Ways to Choose URL of your Resume Website

Choosing an URL for resume website, is not so complex. You just need to understand the functioning and complexities of choosing an URL. An URL can be anything you like, but it is useless if it doesn't serve your purpose. The purpose of making personal such resume on the website is to get recognized easily, and in an impressive manner. So, try out an URL which has the mixing of your name. Apart, from the personal website for resume, if you are choosing an URL for general informative website for resume, then choose an URL which consists of the word “resume” preceding or following few other popular key words.

There are four ways which can help you choose your URL for your personal resume website. Those four ways are as follows:

Choice of domain: At very first step you need to remember that, the extension of your URL should be “.com”, as it is more impressive and understood even if you don’t say the extension. There are conditions when “.com” and “.org” would create confusion between two candidates or two websites. So, it’s better if you get an extension of your website as “.com” as it gives uniqueness to your website.

Words in your URL: If it is a personal website made for publishing resume, then it should be a mixing of your name. For example, if your name is Steven cruiser, then you can keep your URL as “”. If you are choosing an URL for a general informative website, then you can include a word “resume” in your URL accompanied with few more popular keywords.

Shorter the better: It is always been beneficial to have a shorter URL because that would be easier for the visitor of your website, to remember. An URL with beautiful and bombastic words, would be hard to remember.

Avoid unnecessary pictures and Designs: When you make these websites whether personal or informative, try to avoid unnecessary pictures or videos. This would hamper the image of you as an individual, in the case of personal website, and also the image of your website, in the case of an informative website.

Thus, the ways given above to choose your URL in both the cases, whether personal or informative resume website, will help you when you plan to make such website. You can go through the ways and understand how you can choose your URL in the best possible way.

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