Monday, 28 November 2011

Contents of a Resume Website

A resume website starts from a URL, and has template, design, text, pictures and videos as per the requirement of its contents, and the reader who will visit the website. You have sufficient space available, and you can use it, in the best possible way. After all, it depends on your choice, creativity and way of presenting yourself in front of an employer.

A resume mainly consists of text mentioning your objective, key skills, qualification, experiences and contact details. These topics cover the most part of your resume in text format. Your detailed talent and skills given in text format on your resume, gives a quick view to an employer about your personality. An employer can shortlist you after having a quick look on the criteria, they have defined as per their company norms. Text is the most important part when you make an online resume.

Apart from the text, you can also include pictures and videos in your resume.  A video on an online resume, put a great impact on the employer. A video shows the real you, and an employer could have your look, through your video. Thus, a video would put better impact on the employer.

Apart from the text and video, you also need to be attentive and logical, while choosing a template and design. When you chose your template, try to keep it simple, as far as possible. Don’t ruin your website by putting unnecessary pictures on it. After all, you need to be professional in your look and content.

Now, let’s make a list which would make you clear about the content of a resume website:

  • ·        An URL
  • ·        Template
  • ·        Title
  • ·        Banner
  • ·        Text
  • ·        Pictures
  • ·        Videos
  • ·        Additional Graphics

Thus, the content of a resume website has lot to do in order to create a positive impact, whether on an employer, or on a general reader, who come across your website for information. So, choose your combination, think over it, and then finally publish your text, pictures, videos, templates and designs on the web.

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