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Free Resume Website

There are many resume websites, which help you create an online resume, free of cost. Whether it is a personal website made for publishing an individual resume, or an informative website made for resume in general, there are many free websites, which can assist you in your purpose. As the demand of such website is high, it is gaining popularity among the candidates. In the US, a student starts looking for a job as soon as he/she completes her high school. With the development in technology and introduction of Internet, online media has created a revolution in the field of career. Most of the students and employer go through the Internet, whether it is about posting a job or searching a job. It actually acts as an intermediary between an employer and a job seeker.

Now, the question is how you should proceed in this direction. You just need to buy a domain that suits you, and a free website maker will do the work. You do not require high technical skills in order to create such resume website. It is quite easy and it can be done in a very short time. Such online resume keeps you away from the crowd and gives you a different and impressive recognition. In today's world, an online resume really works and has a distinctive impact, as compared to a resume on a paper.

In the present scenario, all the jobs are available to view on the internet. Internet has become the most popular media to connect to the world. Thus, when a job is advertised on any social media website, you can just apply to it and give your link. An employer will refer the link and find a unique and impressive way of expressing oneself.  On this personal website, you can express yourself in a descriptive and better way. You can also use a video resume apart from the text.

Thus, you can create an online resume, with the help of these free resume websites and fancy resume templates.  You can take the help of these websites and create an impressive resume for yourself. This free websites will definitely help you in your job search. You just need to visit different sites, and take help of the one, which you feel, is better.

A Video Resume and its Importance

An online resume can be used to sum up all your skills and talents with the help of internet. It provides various tools and enough space to promote yourself in the market. An online resume helps you achieve your desired goal, which is finally the main purpose behind this. A online personal resume website can have texts, pictures and videos as well. A resume on an A4 size paper has become the outdated method of introducing yourself to an employer.

A video resume can also be used as one of the most powerful tool to promote yourself in the market. You can capture and sum up all your skills with the help of a video resume. You can truly present yourself in front of an employer with the help of this tool. You can summarize your traits and experiences in a video resume. A real video of yourself presented in an impressive manner, always has a positive impact on the employer. It helps an employer to have your look, and they feel more convinced by this, as compared to just looking over the text.

Whether it is an online resume or resumes video, both of them gives you an opportunity to express yourself in detail. You can express here that why you want to work for that employer. You need not worry that you lack sufficient space in order to express yourself. If you really want to present a real you, then try out a video resume, because it allows you to present yourself in an enthusiastic manner, and provides you the strength to stand in front of an employer.

Thus, prepare yourself and try out a video resume on your personal website, because every employer has an eagerness to meet the candidate after going through a powerful resume. It will definitely help you to get your dream job not only in the short run but also in the long run of your career. When you make a video resume you need to be careful about one thing that it should be presented in an impressive manner. It happens sometime that if you are not serious about your video resume, then it would have a negative impact, and it may ruin your career.

Benefits of Personal Resume Website

A candidate with a resume website has better impact on the employer, as compared to the one who doesn't have such website. They always have a better opportunity in the market to get their dream job. A candidate gets recognized fast and easily, if he/she has such resume. Though, it seems complex to have a resume on the website, but in reality it is very easy to have one such website. It’s quite beneficial to have a website, rather than following an old age traditional method of resume on paper.

The benefits of having a such website are as follows:

Improves Professional Image: A candidate with such website has better image in the corporate world, compared to the one who does not have such resume. It also improves your image when an employer comes across your resume on a personal website.

Enough Space: A personal website having a resume gives you enough space to express yourself. You can mention about yourself in detail and you need not worry about the space. You can mention your talents, skills and experiences in detail. Apart from the text, such websites also provides you space to put picture and video, which would not be possible on a A4 size paper resume.

Quick Update: When you need to update your resume, you can do it in just few minutes. You may miss to include some recent certification you got, after sending a paper resume, but you can always update whenever you like, in an online resume. Also, an updated resume always have better impact on the employer.

Shows your Interest: It shows that you are very much concerned about your career. It creates a kind of faith in the mind of an employer.

Thus, it can be said that having a resume website, always gives you a better chance to get selected for your dream job. A personal website resume made once can be used even in the long run. So, try to get one such resume online and enjoy its benefit in your career, which is the ultimate purpose of such websites.

Contents of a Resume Website

A resume website starts from a URL, and has template, design, text, pictures and videos as per the requirement of its contents, and the reader who will visit the website. You have sufficient space available, and you can use it, in the best possible way. After all, it depends on your choice, creativity and way of presenting yourself in front of an employer.

A resume mainly consists of text mentioning your objective, key skills, qualification, experiences and contact details. These topics cover the most part of your resume in text format. Your detailed talent and skills given in text format on your resume, gives a quick view to an employer about your personality. An employer can shortlist you after having a quick look on the criteria, they have defined as per their company norms. Text is the most important part when you make an online resume.

Apart from the text, you can also include pictures and videos in your resume.  A video on an online resume, put a great impact on the employer. A video shows the real you, and an employer could have your look, through your video. Thus, a video would put better impact on the employer.

Apart from the text and video, you also need to be attentive and logical, while choosing a template and design. When you chose your template, try to keep it simple, as far as possible. Don’t ruin your website by putting unnecessary pictures on it. After all, you need to be professional in your look and content.

Now, let’s make a list which would make you clear about the content of a resume website:

  • ·        An URL
  • ·        Template
  • ·        Title
  • ·        Banner
  • ·        Text
  • ·        Pictures
  • ·        Videos
  • ·        Additional Graphics

Thus, the content of a resume website has lot to do in order to create a positive impact, whether on an employer, or on a general reader, who come across your website for information. So, choose your combination, think over it, and then finally publish your text, pictures, videos, templates and designs on the web.

Four Ways to Choose URL of your Resume Website

Choosing an URL for resume website, is not so complex. You just need to understand the functioning and complexities of choosing an URL. An URL can be anything you like, but it is useless if it doesn't serve your purpose. The purpose of making personal such resume on the website is to get recognized easily, and in an impressive manner. So, try out an URL which has the mixing of your name. Apart, from the personal website for resume, if you are choosing an URL for general informative website for resume, then choose an URL which consists of the word “resume” preceding or following few other popular key words.

There are four ways which can help you choose your URL for your personal resume website. Those four ways are as follows:

Choice of domain: At very first step you need to remember that, the extension of your URL should be “.com”, as it is more impressive and understood even if you don’t say the extension. There are conditions when “.com” and “.org” would create confusion between two candidates or two websites. So, it’s better if you get an extension of your website as “.com” as it gives uniqueness to your website.

Words in your URL: If it is a personal website made for publishing resume, then it should be a mixing of your name. For example, if your name is Steven cruiser, then you can keep your URL as “”. If you are choosing an URL for a general informative website, then you can include a word “resume” in your URL accompanied with few more popular keywords.

Shorter the better: It is always been beneficial to have a shorter URL because that would be easier for the visitor of your website, to remember. An URL with beautiful and bombastic words, would be hard to remember.

Avoid unnecessary pictures and Designs: When you make these websites whether personal or informative, try to avoid unnecessary pictures or videos. This would hamper the image of you as an individual, in the case of personal website, and also the image of your website, in the case of an informative website.

Thus, the ways given above to choose your URL in both the cases, whether personal or informative resume website, will help you when you plan to make such website. You can go through the ways and understand how you can choose your URL in the best possible way.

Resume Website and Web Programming Languages

There are several web programming languages which are used to make a resume website. If you want to make a website, then you will have to take help of this web programming languages. Some of the languages used in the development of web pages are as follow:

HTML: The expanded for of HTML is “Hypertext Markup Language”. It is the oldest programming language, which is used even today in web development and web designing. It has been a very important language, since the birth of internet. The main drawback of this language is that you can only create static pages in this language. This language is not recommended, if you have a dynamic website and you need to update it regularly. The reason is that, updating the web pages designed in HTML is quite hazardous. A change in a page will be reflected on all the relevant pages of the website. The reason behind is that it has a centralized database. Though it is not used today on a large scale, but while making a website in any of the languages, the use of HTML coding is essential.

Php: This is a web programming language, in which you can design both static and dynamic pages on the internet. This is generally used in the light weight application, and the loading of the pages in this language is quite fast, as compared to other languages. The pages take very less time to get loaded as they are light weighted. Use of this language is not recommended in vast applications.

Java: This is one of the most powerful programming language, ever created in the history of computers. It is used on a large scale for web designing. You can create both static and dynamic pages in this language. This language gives you many facilities, which you can implement online. It is used mainly for the application of government and banking domain. The applications made in this language are good for security reasons.

Dot net: This language is also used to create both static and dynamic pages. This language provides you ready made buttons such as scroll bar, menu bar, tabs, search buttons, etc.

Thus, the languages discussed above are used to make static and dynamic pages on the internet. You can choose any one of the language as per your choice and make your own resume website.

How to Make a Resume Website

There is a question in the mind of the people, that how to make a resume website. The job is not as tough as it seems, but it has some complexities too. When you plan to make such website, then you need to know the complete process, where to start and where to finish. You will have to start the process from choosing an URL for your website. Choose an URL which suits you the best, in the case of website for publishing personal resume , and choose a URL which contains “resume” as one of its keywords words, if it is for general informative website on resume. In both the cases try to keep the URL as short as possible, because shorter the URL, easier to remember. After choosing your URL, you need to register a domain. The domain with extension”.com” is much impressive, and provides uniqueness to your website. It could be understood even if the extension is not said.

When you are done with your registration process, then you need to buy space, as per your requirement whether 1 GB, 2 GB or unlimited. Then you need to choose a template and design for your website. Now comes the time of writing content, and you can plan accordingly as per your choice and categories, if it is a informative website. When it is a personal website, then you can put your resume, photo, video, etc. on the website. In the informative website, you need to choose your categories on which you are willing to give information, and you can proceed accordingly. In this process, you will also need help of the website programming languages such as html, php, java or dotnet. When you are ready with your content, then you need to host your content on the website. You can do it yourself, or you can take help of someone, who is good at this work. Finally, when you are done with the hosting, then you need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for the different pages you have published on the internet.

There are some other important points too, which you need to concentrate on, such as logo of your website. A logo will help you to create a brand name, in the field of internet marketing. A logo helps a visitor of the page to remember your site, and has a brand image on his/her mind. Apart from a logo, there are also some tools, such as banner and design, which helps your website look attractive. It’s good to design the website but excess of this, would ruin your website, so you need to be very careful about this. Thus, you can make a good resume website whether personal or informative.

Why to make a Resume Website

People wonder, "what is the need of making a resume website?", but an online resume always has a better impact, as compared to the traditional resume on a A4 size paper. A website having your resume has several features, by which you would be benefited. It creates a far better impression on an employer, compared  to other candidates not having one. You can achieve your desired goal, with the help of an online resume.

It’s quite easy to make such websites. You just need to choose your URL, and from here you can carry on your successful journey. There are many free online website makers, who will assist you in your work. Most of the candidates feel that it is complex, but this is not the truth. It is quite easy to make such website, which will help you get recognized very easily. You just need to understand the process and you can plan accordingly. You need not be savvy technically in order to make such website. At the end, if you feel any problem doing it yourself take help of a website builder.

When you make such website, you have complete control over it. You can update it whenever you want, and this updating can be done, just in a few minutes. The drawback of a paper resume is that, you cannot update it once send to the employer. It will remain in the file of the employer as send. In an online website, you always have an opportunity to update your resume regularly. You can also mention your recent certification, which you have competed recently, and this would not be possible in a paper resume, which is already sent. A online resume put on your personal website, would enhance your image in the competitive market.

Thus, it can be said that it is always beneficial to make a resume website. It will not just serve your purpose at a moment but rather it will help you in long run.

What is a Resume Website

In general, a resume website means, a website which contains information on writing and designing a paper resume or online resume. Apart from this, it also means a personal website, which has your name in the URL and has your resume on it. Some websites, also gives you a place to submit your resume and helps you to make your personal website as well. These websites work as a powerful medium to promote you on the internet.

These websites can be designed in various ways, and different templates can be used as per the requirement and content of the website, whether informative or personal website. There are various programming languages as well, used to design a website, such as html, php, java, and dotnet. These programming languages are used, when you design the pages of a website. Also, many free templates are available on the internet, which you can use to design your web pages.

Resume Website and Career
In order to remove the confusion lets discuss on the two websites invidually. One of them is informative, which provides information on resume writing and the other is a personal:

General: It plays an important role, when you are seeking for a job. These websites helps you to know the format and content of a resume. You can refer these websites, whenever you need a sample to refer while writing a resume. Also, you can go through the samples provided on these websites, which will help you know the content even. There are many such websites, which will give you many tips to write an impressive resume and avoid the common mistakes. There are some websites which give you a place to submit your resume, and help the employer to connect to the submitted resume. They act as middle man between you and the employer.

Personal: This is the best way to promote yourself to an employer. It creates a positive impact in the mind of an employer. It shows that you are very much concerned about your career and job. Also, there are many benefits of having a personal resume website, such as quick updating, video resume, easy to connect, etc.

Thus, both the websites play a crucial role in your career, while searching your dream job. One provides information and the other promotes you in the best possible way.

Personal resume website

A personal resume website is a general website, which has been created to publish your resume on it. Whenever an employer goes on this website, then he/she should find your resume. A candidate having such personal website, seems to have a different reputation as compared to the other candidates in the competitive market. He/she always has an advantage over the candidates, who does not have one. You just need to choose an URL which suits you, and create a resume on that website. It makes you look distinctive and keeps you away from the crowd. The best advantage you have in making such websites, is that you won’t need to update your resume every time you apply for a job. You can just keep it updated. Such resumes attract an employer to a great extent. Resume plays an important role in getting hired by your dream company, and a personal website for publishing resume would be the best option to achieve your desired goal.

It has a great impact in the today’s competitive scenario.  For example, if an employer does a Google search or Yahoo search and finds your resume on the web page, then it always creates an positive impact. The employer feels that the person is very much concerned about his/her career. They feel that the person is very much serious about his job, and if he/she gets hired, she would repeat the same. This is the best possible way, which you can use, in order to promote yourself in the market. Such websites work very well and help you get hired, in your dream job.

A personal website for publishing your resume also helps you to update your resume regularly on the internet. You can do it in a very short time. You just need to attach a cover letter, whenever you are applying for a particular job.  An updated resume always have a better advantage, when an employer goes through it. Thus, you can make the website and promote yourself in the market. You can use this particular website as the most powerful tool in your career, which will help you achieve your preferred goal. Such resume also shows that how creative you are. You can show your creativity, while writing and designing your resume, on your personal webpage. It can be more useful to a person, who is in a creative career of designing, music, photography, etc.

So, prepare an attractive and impressive cover letter, attach it with your resume and this is what an employer expects. Also, it would not cost you much, and it can be done, by just spending few dollars. Therefore, make a personal resume website and see the difference in your interview calls.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Resume Website

Resume website is a fabulous way to get information on resume writing, and also to promote yourself on the web. Internet has become one of the most powerful mediums to connect with the world. It is also the largest hub of data, where you can find information you are seeking. In your job search a resume plays a crucial role and such websites can be a guiding star, that would lead you to your desired goal.

Categorization of Resume Website

It can be categorized in two forms:

Personal: This means a website which is made for personal promotion. You can register an URL in your name, and put your resume, picture and video on this website.

Informative: This is a website which is made for the general reader of the website. On such websites the relevant information related to resume writing is published, which contains templates, samples, tips, etc.

Resume is a tool that would present your talents and skills in front of the prospective employer, in a more appealing way. It helps an employer know about your talents and skills, and keeps you away from the crowd. A powerful resume makes you an individual, who could be recognized even in the large fair of candidates. When you are done with writing your resume, you need a medium which could make your resume reach to the prospective employer. Few years back, resume on a paper was the best medium to make your resume reach to the prospective employer. With the birth of new trend as Internet, the whole scenario has changed, and it has become the most powerful medium to publish your resume. This is the fastest way to communicate today, and this technology has become an important tool to serve your purpose.

When you plan to write an impressive resume for yourself, you can refer different related websites. These sites will guide you throughout your resume writing. The resume websites give you an exact idea of how to design a resume. It would let you know, what you need to mention in your resume to make it more impressive, so that it fetches you an interview call. After all, a good resume reveals your talents and skills just through few pages. So, be careful and attentive while writing a resume about your own personality.